Advanced Installer adalah software yang dirancang untuk membuat file installer dengan sangat mudah tanpa harus banyak tahu tentang source code yang dimana format hasil yang diberikan yaitu berformat EXE ( Executable ) atau MSI ( Microsoft Installer ).

Aplikasi yang bernama Advanced Installer sangat cocok untuk yang ingin membuat software atau program dengan cepat dan mudah tanpa harus banyak mempelajari tentang source code terlebih dahulu namun program tersebut hanya bisa dijalankan secara portable.
Selain untuk membuat file installer, Advanced Installer 13.8 Build 77241 memiliki beberapa fungsi lain seperti membuat java, membuat add in, merge modules dan lain-lain yang sekiranya jika harus membuatnya secara manual akan menghabiskan waktu yang cukup lama dan dengan menggunakan Advanced Installer 13.8 Build 77241 bisa lebih cepat tanpa harus kesusahan membuat source codenya.
Adapun tampilan dari Advanced Installer bisa sahabat haramain software lihat pada screenshot yang ada dibawah ini.


Download Advanced Installer 13.2.2 Build 73312 Terbaru
Features of Advanced Installer :
  • MSI: Create valid MSI setups for your applications respecting all written and unwritten Windows Installer rules
  • UAC: Build installers that run flawlessly on Windows 7/Vista supporting their security model
  • Upgrades: Detect and upgrade older version of your product installed on the user’s machine. Prevent installs over newer ones
  • Side-by-Side: Create packages for different versions of your application that can be installed simultaneously and run side by side
  • Imports: Import from Visual Studio, InstallShield LE, WiX, Eclipse, Inno Setup, NSIS and regular MSI/MSM packages
  • Fonts: Register fonts in the Windows OS. Specify registration names for non-TrueType fonts
  • Environment Variables: Create, append or prepend user or system environment variables
  • Autoregister: Auto registration, for files that support it, can be scheduled at install time
  • Files and Folders: Install and uninstall files and folders. Set attributes, create shortcuts
  • Registry: Install and uninstall registry keys and entries
  • 64-bit: Build setups that run and install on 32-bit processors or on the latest 64-bit Intel and AMD CPUs
  • Template projects: Create templates based on your current project and ready-to-use for your future projects
  • Add/Remove: Customize your application’s listing in the “Add/Remove Programs” page of Control Panel
  • XML projects: They can be easily checked into a version control system and shared between multiple developers
  • Command Line: Build your release packages in completely automated scripts, like Make, Ant or NAnt
  • Run&Log: Launch your MSI package while pretty printing the full Windows Installer log
  • Launch Conditions: Visually specify conditions necessary (applications, frameworks, etc.) for your package to run
  • Smart Formatted Editing: Editing (MSI)Formatted fields offers reference auto-completion, syntax and error highlights and resolved value hints
  • Per-User/Per-machine: Create installers that can be install as required: per-user or per-machine if the user is Administrator
  • Include Merge Modules: Include frameworks, libraries and other prepackaged dependencies into your installers with just a few mouse clicks
  • Support for building Nano Server WSA packages from existing MSI projects
  • Updated support for UWP AppX builds to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition
  • Windows Features Bundle support for “Windows Server 2016”

Link Download :

Download Advanced Installer 13.8 Build 77241 ( Direct Link 104 Mb )
Password (if need) :  | Status : Tested

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